Measuring the Impact of the Whole Family Approach

The purpose of the evaluation was to examine the impact of the Whole Family Approach on the well-being of families over a seven-year period. The Whole Family Approach is based on organizational collaboration to assist families in defining and achieving attainable goals. Each Whole Family Approach program featured two adult caregivers.
Below are the initial results.

Icon for First Adult Caregiver
The First Adult Caregiver reported a significant improvement in children’s educational outcomes and experiences.
Icon for Second Adult Caregiver
The Second Adult Caregiver reported significantly reduced financial challenges and stress.
Icon for Both Adult Caregivers
Both Caregivers saw a significant increase in the help given and received in their relationship.


The following findings are provided by the Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs. The Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs at Rutgers University-Camden has been coordinating the evaluation of the Whole Family Approach among eight collaboratives serving families in Southern New Jersey. These are the initial findings over the seven-year evaluative period. To learn more about the research, read more here.

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